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Rescousse beer

Here’s to imperilled species!
Specialty beer benefiting the Fondation de la faune


Biologists Alain Branchaud and Andrée Gendron are the masterminds behind the specialty beer Rescousse, brewed by Dieu du Ciel ! In addition to piloting Projet Rescousse to defend the imperilled species cause, Branchaud and Gendron convinced Dieu du Ciel ! to contribute a percentage of revenue generated from the sale of the beer to the Fondation de la faune. All funds collected are invested in the Faune en danger program.

Spin-offs for the Partner
  • Association with a credible conservation organization capable of investing income generated in concrete projects to protect imperilled species
  • Promotion among the Fondation de la faune’s network of partners and donors

Where can the beer be purchased?
La Rescousse is sold in convenience stores and groceries offering speciality beers.
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