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Northern Wildlife Fund

Fund for fragile, little-known wildlife species
Harvesting of natural resources, the development of ecotourism and climate change are affecting the fragile ecosystems of northern regions. Several species are involved, but little knowledge exists that would help understand how and to what extent species are affected.

The fund was established in 2001 to create private partnerships to invest in research on solutions to problems specific to wildlife in Northern Québec.

  • To promote the conservation, rehabilitation and development of wildlife sites in Northern Québec;
  • To offer financial means to organizations interested in wildlife in the North and the integrated development of northern resources.

Results for 2001-2008
  • 56 projects on wildlife and wildlife habitats in Northern Québec
  • $1,290,966  in financial support

Download the 2001-2004 Report (in French only)

Fund's related territory : (see territory map)

Spin-offs for Partners
  • Improved social responsibility reports and green report cards
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Development of new knowledge
  • Assistance in the certification process
  • Integration into a network of wildlife groups

Since 2001, many partners have contributed to the Fund. 

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In 2002, the Canada Centre for Philanthropy ruled that the Kruger-Fondation de la faune team ranked among the ten best partnerships in Canada between a private corporation and a non-profit organization.
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