Business Partnerships

Thematic Investment Funds

Fonds Naya pour les cours d'eau

The Fonds Naya, to revitalize rivers and streams in urban areas

Naya, a major bottled water supplier in Canada, supported the Fondation with a total commitment of $300 000 between 2008 and 2010.  This investment has been allocated to six pilot projects to revitalize rivers and streams in urban areas.  On-site action has been coordinated by member organizations of the Regroupement des organismes de bassins versants du Québec (ROBVQ).

Partnership Spinoffs
  • Association with a credible conservation agency capable of investing funds in concrete wildlife habitat conservation projects in various regions in Québec through a partnership developed with ROBVQ.
  • Demonstration of corporate social responsibility and environmental concern for ecosystems and communities in locations where the company is active.
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