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Fonds pour la biodiversité et les habitats (biodiversity and wildlife habitat fund)

Fund, biodiversity, wildlife, habitatA fund to preserve our wildlife heritage
Biodiversity is threatened by urban, industrial, forest and farming activities and by recreational activity and tourism.  In Québec, 12% of vertebrate species are imperilled, in large part owing to the deterioration of their living environment.

The fund was established in 2003-2004 to solicit investment by private partners for the purpose of preserving imperilled species.

Results for 2003-2011
  • 167 projects on biodiversity issues and imperilled species
  • $2 583 072 in financial support

Spin-offs for Companies
  • Improved social responsibility reports and green report cards
  • Association with a credible and reputable conservation organization
  • Assistance in the certification process
  • Participation in the best projects targeting imperilled species
  • Investment leverage

Download “Biodiversity…a profitable investment…naturally!”

Since 2003, many partenars have contributed to the Fund.

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