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The Snowshoe Hare, Pierre Leduc (2005)

<i>The Snowshoe Hare</i>, Pierre Leduc (2005)

The Fondation de la faune du Québec is proud to offer the 18th edition of its conservation stamp on wildlife habitat in Québec. In 2005, we chose a remarkable piece of work by artist Pierre Leduc entitled “The Green Carpet,” representing the snowshoe hare in its natural habitat.

Once again, Pierre Leduc has returned among the designers of the prestigious collection of Fondation de la faune stamps. In 1990 and 1991, his paintings of the Common Loon and Common Golden-eyes were selected as the 3rd and 4th editions of the stamp.

The Snowshoe Hare
The snowshoe hare is one of our best-known mammals. Its long, sleek coat is brown in summer and as white as snow in winter. This camouflage protects the hare from predators. Snowshoe hares inhabit low-lying areas covered in conifers, aspen thickets and mixed-wood forests.

During the summer, hares eat all kinds of grasses and green plants including dandelions, clover and horsetails. The leaves of aspen, birch and willow are also a favourite food of the hare. In winter, the hare survives by eating buds, twigs, bark and any leaves clinging to small trees. The snowshoe hare is a very important link in the food chain between plants and carnivores.

Pierre Leduc
Pierre Leduc was born in Valleyfield in 1957. While he was studying biology at the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières, he worked as a scientific illustrator in zoology, entomology and in botany. Following graduation, he began a career as a naturalist painter. Journeys and excursions led him to discover the magnificence of nature and wildlife that so inspires his work.

Although acrylics are his preferred medium, he occasionally turns to oil or lithography on stone to express himself. He usually works only on one painting at a time, but while he is working, a new subject is already blossoming in his mind. Pierre Leduc states: “Sometimes I think about an idea weeks and even months ahead of time before actually beginning work on it. During this period, I try to imagine the very best way to present my subject. I can change the composition, highlight or tone down colours, add or remove anything I please. The end result is often an amalgam of my imagination, in part, and reality. This mental image then becomes an ideal to achieve (which rarely happens, of course!). Although I continue to remain fascinated and inspired by the beauty of nature, I am less preoccupied by the subject itself, and more concerned with shading, composition, movement and colour.”

Since 1981, Pierre Leduc has held several solo exhibits and participated in some sixty group exhibits, mainly in Québec and Ontario, but also in Europe, Africa and the United States. The quality of his work has led to major partnerships with the Fondation de la faune du Québec, Wildlife Habitat Canada, Nature Patrimony in Madagascar, Parks Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint and the Canada Post Corporation.
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