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Caribou, Patrice Wolput (2002)

<i>Caribou</i>, Patrice Wolput (2002)

Born in 1963 in Sabrevois, a farming village about fifty kilometers from Montreal, Patrice Wolput showed a great interest in nature and a talent for drawing at an early age.

After graduating from the Université du Québec in Montreal with a Bachelor's degree in plastic arts he worked as a set decorator for television series and set painter for movies, while continuing to paint in his spare time.

However, it was during a 1987 exhibition of artwork by painter Robert Bateman, in Washington, that Patrice truly determined his artistic preferences. Without doubt, naturalistic painting best corresponded to his talent, his tastes and his personality. The intimate connection between an animal and its habitat is of particular interest to Patrice. His keen senses and intuition are manifest in his work.

At present he works full time as a painter. Although fascinated by the wildlife and flora of the Laurentians, he also hopes to have the opportunity to explore the wild reaches of the Great North.
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