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River Otter, Daniel Gagné (1999)

<i>River Otter</i>, Daniel Gagné (1999)

Born in 1965, Daniel Gagné started drawing wildlife at an early age. He excelled in biology during his formal education. Combining art and science, he developed a style in which exact reproduction plays a significant role. His attention to the smallest detail infuses his canvases today.

From Norbertville, a small village where he lives, he wanders over mountains, along the banks of streams, rivers or marshes, searching out new experiences to capture in sketches done on the spot. The hours he spends in the wilderness enrich his observations.

Gagné's passionate love of nature and firsthand knowledge are clearly reflected in his paintings. Self taught, his preferred medium is acrylics, but he often uses ink or pencil for his art.
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