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Lynx, Claire Tremblay (1992)

<i>Lynx</i>, Claire Tremblay (1992)

Claire Tremblay was born in 1950 in Grand-Mère, Québec. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and during her time at university spent a year studying visual communications in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Claire Tremblay worked for several years at Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières, where she was involved in graphic design and illustrating. During this time the excellence of her work was recognized and she won several national awards.

In 1979, her career moved onwards and she became an independent scientific illustrator. She worked closely with biologists and other specialists and was involved in a wide variety of projects ranging from posters on ecosystems, books and school textbooks to government publications on endangered species. She was the principal illustrator of the Canadian Encyclopaedia (published by Hurtig Publishers) for which she created more than 100 illustrations for four editions.

 Robert Bateman said of her work, in particular of her work on the Canadian Lynx, "Very strong; the interplay of light and shadow is reminiscent of the best painters of the 19th Century, like Kuhnart. She has a good hand in particular for form and drama, which reminds me of Rembrandt."
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