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Common Loon, Pierre Leduc (1990)

<i>Common Loon</i>, Pierre Leduc (1990)

Pierre Leduc was born in 1957 in Valleyfield, Québec. He holds a Bachelor of sciences in biology and studied drawing at the National Gallery and at a private school. Pierre Leduc is also well versed in cartography and audiovisual techniques.
Since 1975, his career has focused on graphic design and illustrating scientific publications (maps, books on trees and herbs as well as identification guides for plants, insects, etc.). Pierre Leduc, in his own words, admits that his inner drive and wish to excel comes from a thought that he whispers to himself each time he starts a new painting "This time, I must do better!" His scientific rigor and intense but delicate artistry come together when he creates, resulting in paintings of great beauty and quality. In the future, they will undoubtedly lead to international recognition of his work. Canada Post has commissioned Pierre Leduc to prepare fifteen designs to illustrate Canadian stamps.
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