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Ruffed Grouse, Jean-Luc Grondin (1988)

<i>Ruffed Grouse</i>, Jean-Luc Grondin (1988)

Jean-Luc Grondin - an exceptionally talented wildlife painter - refers to himself modestly as "un dessinateur d'oiseaux" (an illustrator of birds). He is still somewhat taken aback and surprised by his sudden popularity and international reputation as one of the world's foremost wildlife artists.

A native of Saint-Gédéon in the Beauce region, he was trained at the École des Beaux-Arts and was one of the school's youngest graduates. After his schooling, he worked for a while at the Jardin Zoologique de Québec as an illustrator and graphic designer.

Most of Grondin's reference studies are done in the woods and fields around his home. He paints only birds that are native to his area and often makes 25-30 sketches (and sometimes as many as 100), depending on how familiar he is with the subject. As a final step before painting the full-size painting, Jean-Luc Grondin paints a smaller study.
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