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La relève - Snow geese by Pierre Girard (2009)

<i>La relève - Snow geese</i> by Pierre Girard (2009)


Pierre Girard is from the Sorel-Tracy region of Quebec. He began drawing the wildlife near him at a very young age. This self-taught artist loves the great outdoors, backpacking about nurturing his passion for nature. Inspired by the beauty of the scenery, he paints animal life, focusing solely on carefully reproducing the slightest movement and the slightest expression. Progress made in his work is intimately related to extensive travel abroad (Africa, United States, Europe) and many hours of observation in the field. Each of his paintings captures segments of life in the wild and unforgettable souvenirs.

The quality of his work has resulted in his being chosen to illustrate the 14th edition (blue jay) of the Fondation de la faune du Québec’s wildlife conservation stamps.


At the end of March, the first snow geese appear along the St. Lawrence Estuary. These migrating birds cover nearly 8,000 kilometres during their migrations. The social structure of the snow goose is founded on the family: parents and their offspring remain together for one year. Snow geese are monogamous and form pairs for life starting at age three. Rhizomes of the three-square bulrush provide their main food source, but in recent years they have started to feed in nearby farmland.

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