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Return of the Cerulean Warbler by Jean-Charles Daumas (2010)

<i>Return of the Cerulean Warbler</i> by Jean-Charles Daumas (2010)

Jean-Charles Daumas was born in Quebec City and has been drawing since childhood. After completing studies in the graphic arts, he was increasingly drawn to animal art and more particularly to the birds of North America. He has held numerous solo and group exhibits across Quebec and the United States. Several of his works have received awards of distinction. Moreover, he has published a conservation stamp with the Fondation de la faune du Québec and recently with the Government of New Brunswick. Jean-Charles Daumas also has several limited short-run prints, cards, calendars and a number of other derivative products showcasing his art. He currently lives in the Montréal area.

Cerulean Warbler
It is hard to spot this tiny ten or centimetre passerine as it flits among the canopy of mature maple and oak trees in search of insects! The back of the male is blue while the back of the female is more discreetly shaded in tones of blue-grey and olive. The cerulean warbler is very sensitive to the loss of forest habitat and forest fragmentation that often lead to the predation of their nests by other species. The few subsisting nesting couples of this threatened species in Quebec are found in the St. Lawrence lowlands at locations such as the Philipsburg Migratory Bird Sanctuary and Gatineau Park.
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