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The 28th conservation stamp Northern Harrier by Jean-Charles Daumas (2015)

The 28th conservation stamp <i>Northern Harrier</i> by Jean-Charles Daumas (2015)

The artist

Born in Quebec in 1956, Jean-Charles Daumas
has been producing animal art since he completed his studies in the graphic arts. His portrayal of North American birds shows the full power of his talent.

The artist paints with the help of sketches, numerous photos and natural specimens. His medium of choice is acrylic. In the recent years, his talent has been acknowledged by many awards. Some particular achievements are three conservation stamps with the Fondation de la faune and one in 2008 with New-Brunswick. Also, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced in 2014 two mints from his his drawing of a Canada Goose.

In April 2015, Mr. Daumas will become a member of the Institut des arts figuratifs, an organization  promoting representational art through the excellent work of its membres. The artist now resides in the Greater Montreal area.

The Northern Harrier

The Northern Harrier is one of the most beautiful of raptors. It is by coursing low over fields and marshes, surprisingly unconcerned by human habitation or activity, that the northern harrier hunts. Small rodents, reptiles, amphibians, large insects and small ground-dwelling birds are on his menu. Its face has two parabolic discs surrounded by filo-feathers which create an owl-like look. As in the case of owls, the facial feather formation indicates that hunting is aided by acoustic-location. In fact, the daylight ecological niche of the Northern Harrier is the same as the nocturnal one of the Short-eared Owl. Both of these unrelated species nest on the ground.
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