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The 30th stamp, Black Bear by Claudio D'Angelo (2017)

The 30th stamp, <i>Black Bear</i> by Claudio D'Angelo (2017)

The artist

Claudio D'Angelo was born in Montreal in 1956. A childhood passion for drawing led him to study commercial art and subsequently work for several years as an illustrator/designer in an ad agency. In his spare time he steadfastly pursued his desire to paint the birds and animals that had inspired and fascinated him for so long. An important painting commission for Cast Shipping Ltd. in 1980 permitted him to leave advertising and devote his time fully to painting.

Claudio's work is represented in numerous private and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. As well, his commissioned images have appeared on coins for the Royal Canadian Mint and on several conservation stamps for the Fondation de la Faune du Québec. His work has been the subject of several magazine articles and has been showcased in books such as L’Âme des Oiseaux (Éditions Henri Rivard, 2005), The Best of Wildlife Art (North Light Books, 1997) and From the Wild (Summerhill Press, 1986). A signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, he exhibits often in their annual group shows. As well, he exhibits at the Algonquin Art Center in Ontario and the Bennington Center for the Arts, Vermont, in which he is represented in their permanent collection.


Black Bear

This large omnivorous bear is found in a wide range of habitats: bogs, the boreal and mixed forests, taiga, farming and urban landscapes and even… garbage dumps. The black bear’s opportunism sometimes leads to conflicts with man, his sole predator. The black bear is neither ungainly nor indolent. It can run as fast as 40 km per hour and climb trees at an impressive speed despite its heavy build (can weigh up to 270 kg.).
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