Who Are We

Method of Intervention

Our method of intervention consists of:
- providing financial or technical assistance
- contributing directly to the protection of habitats located on privately-owned land
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What is a wildlife habitat?
It’s a physical location where a wild animal lives and finds shelter, food and a place to breed and raise offspring.

1. Providing financial or technical assistance to local organizations wishing to undertake wildlife habitat conservation and development Projects.

Types of Projects Supported
  • Protection of wildlife habitats
    Protecting habitats on privately-owned land that are particularly productive, diversified or threatened.
  • Development of wildlife habitats
    Improving, rehabilitating or creating wildlife habitats that meet species requirements in terms of food, breeding territory and the ability to move about freely or rest.
  • Acquisition of knowledge
    Acquiring knowledge about wildlife habitats: characteristics, conservation problems; techniques and means to protect, improve or rehabilitate them.
  • Transfer of knowledge
    Educating stakeholders about habitats as well as means and techniques to protect and develop wildlife habitats; heightening public awareness about the importance of wildlife habitats.
  • Wildlife partnerships
    Offering different forms of support to wildlife organizations to improve their ability to intervene and reap benefits from their involvement in wildlife conservation.
  • Introduction of fishing to a new generation
    Preparing future generations of sport fishers to understand and embrace environmental values and safety considerations.

2. Contributing directly to the protection of habitats on privately-owned land in special situations where intervention is urgent or vital and there is no local organization capable of intervening.

The Fondation de la faune acquires land or negotiates conservation agreements with landowners. Policy requires that land so acquired be turned over to local organizations entrusted with ensuring protection and conservation in the long term.

Fondation de la faune Funding

Our activities are financed by three sources:
  1. User Contributions
    Since 1988, the Fondation de la faune has benefited from stable and recurring income from contributions paid by sport fishers, hunters and trappers in Québec when they purchase their annual licence.
  2. Fund-raising
    As a charity, the Fondation de la faune solicits and receives donations and other contributions from individuals, businesses and private foundations. In addition to organizing fund-raising activities and selling exclusive products, the Fondation de la faune has developed business partnerships with several companies active in Québec.
  3. Other Contributions
    The Fondation de la faune solicits and receives grants from federal and provincial departments and agencies to undertake special projects or operate financial assistance programs targeting local partners.

Fondation de la faune list of partners and donors (in French)
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