The biodiversity and endangered species directory consolidates numerous resources (mapping tools, databases, publications, information on organizations, etc.) related to biodiversity and endangered wildlife species, mostly in Quebec but also elsewhere in the world. The directory is for anyone interested in biodiversity or who is looking for tools to account for biodiversity in their enhancement, development, or conservation projects.

Each resource is presented on a separate sheet which includes a brief description, as well as one or many links toward more in-depth information on the topic.

We hope this tool will be helpful to you. Feel free to reach out to us for any comments or suggestions.

Research tools

1) Search by keywords
This method allows you to enter words or expressions related to the information you are searching for. Please take note that the search will be more efficient if the keywords used are simple (ex., turtle, database, status report, etc.).

2) Search filters
This method facilitates searching by using predetermined categories according to six criteria: group of species – habitat – region – type of resource – theme – type of organization. When a filter is applied, the search is restricted solely to the corresponding fact sheets. It is therefore advisable to use one or two filters at a time to start with, so as not to overly restrict the search.

If no keyword or filter is specified, all the fact sheets will be proposed.

It is also a possibility that, among the hundreds of wildlife initiatives supported by the Fondation de la faune du Québec since 1987, one project related to a wildlife species or region in particular is of interest to you. You may  search among the projects supported by the Fondation.


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