The Fondation de la faune du Québec can assist you for your projects in conservation, development, or enhancement of wildlife habitats with one of its funding programs. All projects submitted are reviewed by our team of project coordinators and external specialists.

List of programs

Young sport fishers program

Objective: Initiate youth to fishing during thematic days organized by wildlife organizations, conservation societies, schools, municipalities, etc.
Date for submission: December 15 (summer fishing and ice fishing)

Taking action for wildlife

Objective: Generate engagement from wildlife habitat landowners and stakeholders engaged in the planning of actions for the conservation, restoration, and development of natural environments. Inform stakeholders concerned about the ecological value of these habitats and the means of conserving or enhancing them.
Dates for submission: October 1st and March 15

Enhancement of the quality of aquatic habitats

Objective: Enhance wildlife quality and productivity of fish habitats;
support the participation of community organizations in the enhancement of aquatic wildlife habitats.
Dates for submission: November 1st and April 1st

Endangered Wildlife

Objective: Contribute to the re-establishment of endangered and vulnerable wildlife species in Quebec by protecting, enhancing, restoring, or promoting means of protecting their habitats.
Dates for submission: October 1st and March 15

Wildlife-forest on privately-owned lands

Objective: Encourage the commitment of woodland owners toward the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitats, promote the integration of forestry and the maintenance of biodiversity, and encourage planning of interventions throughout the territory.
Date for submission: October 1st and March 15

Financial aid program for off-road vehicles (Stream II – Protection of wildlife and their habitats)

Objective: Protect and enhance wildlife habitats accessed by users of off-road vehicles (ORV).
Dates for submission: April 15 and november 15

Program for the integrated management of sustainable development for wildlife in forest environments

Objective: To integrate the needs of exploited wildlife in environments in various forestry planning exercises. The environmental, economic, and social impacts, as well as the harmonization of land uses, are taken into consideration in the program’s implementation.
Date for submission: November 1st

Program for the enhancement of biodiversity in agrarian environments

Objective: To enhance the quality of wildlife habitats in agricultural catchment areas, promote the engagement of agricultural producers toward the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitats, promote collaboration between agricultural, environmental, and wildlife stakeholders to coordinate their actions in areas of targeted intervention, as well as facilitate the transfer of knowledge to agricultural producers.
Date for submission: January 15

Program for the enhancement, development, and restoration of habitats for the Atlantic salmon

Objective: To enhance or restore the habitat for the Atlantic salmon by increasing the wildlife productivity of the habitats, either the number or size of the individuals, by protecting or enhancing the environment’s biodiversity.
Date for submission: November 15

Program for the conservation of Lac Saint-Pierre

Objective: Conserve or restore the biodiversity and water quality of Lac Saint-Pierre’s ecosystem.
Submission of declaration of interest forms: August 15 and December 15
Submission of detailed applications: October 1st and February 15

Program for the battle against invasive exotic plants

Objective: To curb the introduction and spread of invasive exotic plants by promoting sustainable management to protect biodiversity, the integrity of animal and plant habitats, as well as the maintenance or recovery of ecological functions of natural environments.
Dates for submission: To confirm.

Hydro-Québec program for the enhancement of natural environments

Objective: To support initiatives for the enhancement, development, and establishment of infrastructures facilitating public access to natural environments while ensuring the protection of biodiversity.
Date for submission : November 15

Protecting wildlife habitats – part I Protection

Objective: Protect high-value wildlife habitats by the creation of conservation agreements that include a legal component with private landowners.
Dates for submission: April 1st and November 1st

Protecting wildlife habitats – part II Municipal and school taxes

Objective: To financially support the owners of natural environments managed for protected area purposes with regard to the payments of property taxes related to these properties.
Dates for submission: Between October 15 and November 15, 2022.

Promotion of fundraising

Objective: Provide financial aid to organizations doing fundraising activities to improve their capacity in conducting projects related to wildlife.
Dates for submission: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st

Submitting an application

Before submitting an application for financial aid

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