The Wildlife-Forest program applies exclusively to privately-owned lands. It provides financial aid for initiatives in the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitats in forest environments.

It allows woodland owners to be better informed and supported technically with regard to development and conservation of wildlife resources found on their lands.


  • Maintain and increase wildlife productivity of habitats in private forests.
  • Stimulate planning at a territorial level to develop an overall vision of wildlife interventions to be achieved.
  • Encourage commitment from landowners toward the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitats.
  • Promote integration of forestry, quality of wildlife habitats, and maintaining biodiversity.

For more information, consult the information document.

Closing dates for the submission of applications

October 1st and March 15.

How to submit an application

The applicant organization must fill out the application for financial aid form for the protecting wildlife habitats program and send it by email to the Fondation de la faune du Québec at:

If you would like more information on the submission dates for the proposal, development or presentation of a project, or to validate its eligibility and its relevance, interested organizations may contact program manager, Amélie Collard. You may reach her by telephone at 418 644-7926, ext. 137, or by email at

Important information for using the form

For efficient use of the financial aid form, we strongly suggest that you download it on your computer by executing the following sequence:

Click right on the link to the financial aid form and, depending on your Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari), choose the option:
(Explorer): “Save target as…”
(Firefox): “Save link target as…”
(Chrome): “Save link as…”
(Safari): “Download the linked file under…”
and choose “Desktop” as the destination for the download.

Then, so you may benefit from all the interactive characteristics of the financial aid form, please use only the Adobe Reader application to open it. The form requires at minimum Version 8 of Adobe Reader.

If you do not have this application, or the version you currently have installed on your computer is not the most recent one, we suggest you download the Adobe Reader application that is free of charge.