Let us take action for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitats!
Imagine a place that would meet all your essential needs: food, shelter, care, education, work, etc. Living in this ideal location would really make your life easy! Since such a place doesn’t exist, you must use different areas to meet your needs.

Wildlife species experience the same situation. In fact, a species may find food in a woodland but need another type of environment for reproduction purposes.

However, natural habitats are under pressure because of human activities (urbanization, exploitation of natural resources, pollution, etc.), which result in the deterioration of wildlife habitats and sometimes even the decline of a species.

Help us protect wildlife and wildlife habitats!
In Québec, hundreds of organizations care deeply about wildlife and its environment. With often limited means and a great deal of willingness, they implement projects aiming to preserve our wealth. The Fondation de la faune is there to support their initiatives on the field.

Through its financial aid programs, each year, the Fondation supports hundreds of projects across Québec: projects for the protection, development, or restoration of wildlife and wildlife habitats, projects for awareness regarding the protection of certain species, etc.

Give  generously! Together, we can take concrete actions to improve the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitats, thus preserving Québec’s biodiversity.