Created in 1984 by the Gouvernement du Quebec for the purpose of acquiring the wetlands along the St. Lawrence, the Fondation de la faune du Québec is a parapublic organization that reports to the ministre de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs.

Recognized as a registered charity organization since 1987, the Fondation is authorized to issue receipts for income tax purposes. Since 1988, the Fondation obtained the assurance of stable and recurrent funding through contributions paid by sport fishers, hunters, and trappers in Quebec.

The Fondation de la faune offers financial and technical support for projects related to the conservation and enhancement of wildlife and its habitat. The Fondation funds just over 700 projects annually across Quebec.

Our mission

The Fondation’s mission is to enhance and promote conservation of wildlife and its habitat.

Our vision

The team at the Fondation dedicates its energy, creativiy, and passion to ensure the conservation of Quebec’s biodiversity.

Recognized for the strength of its partnership network and its impeccable ethics, the Fondation acts as a catalyst for projects generating tangible effects on the protection and promotion of natural environments.

Our values

Maintaining biodiversity
The Fondation’s field of action covers all native wildlife species in Quebec. At the core of our preoccupations are the protection of important ecosystems for wildlife and interventions to help species whose situation is deemed to be a concern.

Community sustainable development
In its interventions with wildlife, the Fondation strives to produce long-term effects. A particular attention is brought to conservation projects or those aiming to increase habitats for wildlife species that support economic activity and therefore contribute to local community development.

The Fondation is unable to intervene by itself on all of Quebec’s territory. Over the years, partnerships became a determining factor in its action. For wildlife, this translated into the mobilization of various local actors for the completion of wildlife projects. Financially, the Fondation fosters networking between partners and projects on the field.

Rigour and fairness
The Fondation annually processes many hundreds of financial aid applications for very diversified interventions. Concerned by making the best decisions to maximize the outcomes of its investments, it ensures that these applications are processed most rigorously and that decisions are made in all fairness.