The Fondation intervenes in all living environments in Quebec (aquatic, wetlands, riparian, and terrestrial), for all wildlife species (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals), whether they are endangered or not, and for different types of projects (wildlife, forest, agricultural, and environmental).

Our method of intervention

Provide financial or technical assistance to local organizations wanting to implement conservation projects and development of wildlife habitats.

Types of projects receiving support

  • Wildlife habitat protection
    Protect habitats that are particularly productive, diversified, or endangered.
  • Development of wildlife habitats
    Improve, restore, or create habitats that meet the wildlife needs pertaining to food, reproduction, free movement, and rest areas.
  • Acquisition of knowledge
    Acquire knowledge on wildlife habitats: characteristics, problems related to their conservation, techniques, and means of protecting, improving, or restoring them.
  • Transfer of knowledge
    Offer training on the means and techniques for the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitats, as well as provide awareness to the public about their importance.
  • Wildlife partnership
    Offer support to wildlife organizations to increase their intervention and solicitation capacity.
  • Fishing and next generation
    Train a new generation of adepts in wildlife harvesting in respect of ecological values and security.

Contribute directly to the protection of habitats located on private lands in specific situations where there is a need for an urgent or necessary intervention and there is no local organization in a position to intervene.

The Fondation acquires lands or negotiates conservation agreements with landowners. Its policy is to return the lands or acquired rights to local organizations while ensuring their long-term conservation.

Funding for the Fondation de la faune

  • Users’ contributions
    Since 1988, a stable and recurring funding comes from contributions paid by all sports fishers, hunters, and trappers in Quebec when they purchase their annual licence.
  • Collection of funds
    As a charity organization, the Fondation de la faune solicits and receives donations and other contributions from individuals, businesses, and private foundations. It organizes funding activities and has elaborated agreements with business partners from active Quebec companies.
  • Other contributions
    The Fondation de la faune sollicits and receives grants from provincial and federal departments and organizations for the completion of specific projects, or for funding programs.