The Hydro-Quebec program for the development of natural environments aims to support initiatives for the enhancement, development, and establishment of infrastructures facilitating public access to natural environments while ensuring the protection of biodiversity.


  • Ensure the development, enhancement, and protection of natural environments;
  • Promote ecological connectivity between various natural environments;
  • Ensure long-term conservation of natural environments and maintenance of biodiversity;
  • Train key stakeholders as for attitudes to adopt, behaviours to modify, and means to take for the conservation or enhancement of natural environments.

For more informations, consult the information document.

The Fondation invites organizations, particularly those that have not recently submitted a project to this program, to contact the program manager, Raphaël Dubé, in order to validate that the project meets the objectives and orientations of the program and thus validate eligibility. You can reach him by phone at 418 644-7926, extension 127 or by email at

  • Does your natural environment require increased protection to preserve it’s key elements of biodiversity?
  • Are there ecological issues that induce negative impacts on the biodiversity of your natural environment?
  • Is better supervision of recreational tourism activities taking place in your natural environment of high ecological value necessary to ensure the conservation of biodiversity?
  • Is there an imminent threat to your natural environment, which is home to high biological diversity?
  • Would you like to promote responsible and ethical outdoor activity practices in a natural environment of high ecological value?

If you answered positively to any of these questions, the Hydro-Quebec program for the development of natural environments could prove to be a potential source of funding to support the implementation of concrete actions aimed at conserving the biodiversity of a natural environment.

Closing dates for the submission of applications

November 15.

How to submit an application

The applicant organization must fill out the application for financial aid form for the program and send it by email to the Fondation de la faune du Québec at:

Please read the documents to be attached to your financial aid form according to the categories of activities eligible for the program. Please note that your request may be deemed inadmissible if documents are missing when submitting your form. You can refer to section 9 of the program information document for information and documents to submit.

Documents to be attached

Important information for using the form

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Click right on the link to the financial aid form and, depending on your Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari), choose the option:
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and choose “Desktop” as the destination for the download.

Then, so you may benefit from all the interactive characteristics of the financial aid form, please use only the Adobe Reader application to open it. The form requires at minimum Version 8 of Adobe Reader.

If you do not have this application, or the version you currently have installed on your computer is not the most recent one, we suggest you download the Adobe Reader application that is free of charge.