In compliance with the provisions of the Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information, the Fondation de la faune du Québec must publish the following documents and information on its website, to the extent where they are accessible under the law.

Acts, regulations, and policies

Draft regulations published in the Gazette officielle du Québec

The Fondation de la faune du Québec currently has no draft regulation published in the Gazette officielle du Québec.

Documents produced and transmitted to the National Assembly or to one of its commissions

The Annual Report and the Strategic plan are tabled in the National Assembly or in one of its commissions.

Classification plan

The classification plan is a tool to facilitate rapid location of Fondation de la faune documentation.

Description of programs and services

We invite you to visit our website to discover our funding programs and services.

Studies, research reports, or statistics of public interest

There are no research reports or statistics, or studies produced by the Fondation de la faune that are of public information interest.

Public registries

The Fondation de la faune du Québec has no existing public registry under the terms of its governing Act.

Documents transmitted in accordance with a request for access accompanied by the anonymized decision.

Number of the request Object of the request Date of transmission of documents Date of distribution Documents transmitted
2018-01 Information concerning the conservation schedule of the documents 2018-03-02 2018-03-07 Decision


2018-02 Request for access to personnal information 2018-04-03 2023-02-07 Decision
2018-03 Information concerning employees with an annual salary over $100,000 2018-08-10 2018-08-14 Document
2019-01 Information concerning employees with an annual salary over $100,000 2019-01-14 2019-01-14 Document
2019-02 Information concerning the computer master plan 2020-01-07 2020-01-07 Document
2021-01 Information regarding land acquisition 2021-04-30 2021-06-03 Decision
2021-02 Information concerning the working conditions of senior management, senior jobs holders 2021-07-07 2023-02-07 Decision
2021-03 Information concerning Ile Saint-Bernard 2021-08-13 2021-08-18 Decision


2022-01 Salary scale and/or salary class and salary scale process determined for
2022-04-25 2023-02-07 Decision
2022-02  2015‐2020 Board minutes 2023-01-16 2023-02-07 Decision


2023-01 Request for wildlife data : breeding habitats of the fish 2023-01-31 2023-02-07 Décision
2023-02 List of access requests 2023-02-13 2023-02-13 Decision
2023-03 Information concerning the processing of requests for access to information within the Foundation 2023-07-24 2023-07-25 Decision

Personal information bank inventory

The Fondation de la faune du Québec establishes files containing personal information. It sees to the protection of these files and ensures that they are used solely for the purposes under which they were established.

Personal information communications register

The Fondation de la faune du Québec maintains a Register of release of personal information in compliance with section 67.3 of the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information. This register is essential in cases of mass mailing of documents for funding purposes or surveys.

List of commitments transmitted to the financial comptroller who forwards them to the National Assembly

The commitments transmitted to the financial comptroller concern payment of rental fees for the Fondation de la faune’s administrative offices, expiring November 30, 2025 and costs distributed as follows:

  • 2023 : $135 909;
  • 2024 : $135 909;
  • 2025 : $135 909;
  • 2026 : $90 906;

Information relative to certain contracts over $25,000